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Places to Visit in Bogota


Bogota, the capital of Colombia, is cradled by the Andean mountains and steeped with sophisticated urban life. With so many places to explore in Bogota, what gravitates the tourists is its cultural epicenter, La Candelaria. Although this city has many historic neighborhoods and sites to explore, it has a hip and chic side to make your trip to Bogota memorable.
Before you travel to Colombia or anywhere globally, it is advisable to know their travel advisory and keep your Covid report negative to enter the country. To understand the entire covid and travel guidelines, you can get help from a good travel agency in Bogota, Colombia. They will guide you to the prominent and most tourist places in Bogota.
Once you know the necessary steps to travel to Bogota, you are all set to visit this historical place, where there's always more to explore and more to do. 


Let's check it out:

A walk down the La Cadelaria

Known as the city's cultural epicenter, La Candelaria is probably the first place tourists visit the most. The 300-year-old houses, well-preserved colonial buildings, which are now turned into museums, restaurants, hotels, and bars, have Spanish colonial, Baroque, and art deco styles.

This place is an excellent juxtaposition of modern and antique architectural brilliance. The Botero museum celebrates Colombia's most dynamic artist Fernando Botero and his artwork.
Opened in 1816, La Puerta Falsa, perhaps the oldest restaurant, serves authentic Colombian cuisines.
It is impossible to resist yourself from a Graffiti tour when in La Candelaria. The colorful murals of the street are different from each other and depict the urban environment and people. 

The Museum of Gold 

This is another highlight of Bogota that attracts tourists from all over. The museum has a massive collection of pre-Columbian gold, gold artifacts, and metal alloys. It has around 55,000 pieces of gold from pre-Hispanic cultures.
The museum's second floor informs the visitors how the gold pieces were used during the era with full Spanish and English descriptions.
The third floor explains how and which gold pieces were used in ceremonies and rituals.

Plaza Boliver 

Plaza Bolivar is the main square of Bogota that hosts the statue of Simon Bolivar. Plaza Bolivar was the circus, public market, and bullfights stage during the Spanish colonial era.

Home to a primitive cathedral constructed in 1539, Palacio Lievano, and the Capitol, Plaza Boliver attracts millions of tourists every year. 


The Salt Cathedral of Zipaquira 

This salt cathedral is located in Zipaquira, outside Bogota city. Carved by removing 250,000 tons of salt, this marvelous cathedral has 14 stages of Jesus's crucifixion, the illuminated cupola, and the stunning nave.


This 75m long mine can host 8400 people and holds services every Sunday. A walk through the tunnel feels like walking through the bowels of the earth.


Located 600 feet underground, the cathedral gets busy during Easter, as thousands gather for the service marking the crucifixion and resurrection of Jesus. 

Climb Cerro de Monserrate 

Nestled at 3000 meters above, you can get a glimpse of the white church from almost anywhere in the city. The church is regarded as the Mecca for pilgrims due to the statue of Senor Caido or the Fallen Christ dating back to 1650.
This is one popular spot for Bogotanians, and you can reach the summit easily by cable car or funicular to the top. You can opt for a hike to enjoy the natural surrounding of the mountain, but that's not safe. The place has thieves or local criminals, so it is better to get in touch with travel companies Bogota to know the safety measures of the city.

There are many food stalls available in the street, where you can taste the local favorites and understand their food culture. Restaurants and bars are open that serve some of the best cuisine and cocktails.

Bogota, being the capital city of Columbia, has all kinds of hotels. From luxurious five start-studded hotels to mid-range or budget-friendly hotels as well. To have a hassle-free trip, you can always rely on travel agency Bogota to get the hotels that suit your budget and make your trip perfectly planned to avoid any inconvenience. 

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